Video doorbell not streaming on Google Hub


since a few days I can no longer show the doorbell on the Google Home Hub.

Last week this worked fine and I haven’t changed anything.

I have already tried to disconnect and reconnect the Eufy account in the Google Home app. But this doesn’t seem to work either.

When I ask: show doorbell. Then it keeps loading and after a while I get a black screen with the text: smart home camera. And that’s it.

Looks like the stream is being blocked somewhere.
A friend of mine has the same issues.

Have you tried resetting your Google hub?

Yes, also tried that. Reset, reboot, disconnect and reconnect. Nothing is working.

Same problem here - which makes it sound like it’s on Eufy’s end and not ours. It was working, I changed no settings, and now it isn’t. Relinking does nada for me, too.

Eufy can we get some sort of response/ETA for a resolution?

I got in touch with Eufy as this was an issue for me, very quick response with a few things to try, went back with some requested info and they replied again today.

Suggested I try using my phones network rather than WiFi and access the Web app to see if the live video worked, it wouldn’t work when I tried with WiFi before. So on my phone network it worked fine today :+1: so logged out connected to WiFi and tried again and it now works.

Tried my chromecast and it’s now working on that too! No idea if this is a fluke and they have fixed something behind the scenes or this change to network has triggered something but for now it’s working.

If they can get to the bottom of my doorbell activity zone not doing anything then I’ll be very happy.

I can confirm too it is working for me again.

No resolution in my case. I recently bought both the wired doorbell and the pan&tilt. Both cameras have a 6-second delay with the Echo 8". Two Google 7" hubs can’t connect at all to the doorbell camera. In the doorbell case, it never has been able to connect; it tries and fails. In the p&t case, it streams with a 15-20 second delay (earlier today it said there was no stream).

The best I see on the eufy portal is a still frame from each camera. I’ve been working extensively with tech support and I agree they are quick to respond. We’ve tried the usual voodoo of resetting cameras/hubs/routers, unlinking/re-linking eufy to Google, changing wifi networks; I even put a spare wifi router right beside the doorbell.

My network is working at full speed of 150/15 Mbps and I can watch video on the Google hub from Netflix and YouTube.

I prefer the Google hub to the Echo Show, so this is quite disappointing.

Update 2021-03-16: eufy support has given up and so have I. In my case, the doorbell just will not work with Google Home. :man_shrugging:t2: