Video doorbell no longer has audio

My wired video door bell no longer has mic audio either in the live view or in recordings…It will play audio from the doorbell internal speaker but the mic is not working. I have checked the setting for recording audio in the devices settings and it’s enabled and live view is also broke . Seems to have started right after the 12/23 firmware update and changing to the festive rings. I have restarted the device and no change. Everything else appears to working normaly and the other cameras I have are transmitting mic audio.

Anyone else have this issue or my doorbell just failed right after a year of service?

Can you check that under audio settings of the doorbell, audio is enabled?

Yes. As I said in OP the settings in the App are fine…silent mode is also not enabled in live view. what’s the warranty on these if it’s hardware failure? I purchased this 1/14/20 Soni hope it’s 1 year…

Just to update I ended up fixing the issue by power cycling the door bell ( remove a wire to cut the power and let it restart) hope this helps some one else if you have the same issue.

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Yes I was having the same problem
After I power cycle it (removing one of wires)
It started working again

I just found out that the wired Eufy doorbell 2-way talk requires a 16-24VAC, 30VA doorbell transformer to function properly.