Video color for eufy cam 2c changes to blue after few seconds when mounted outside

I have 2 eufy cam 2c and both seem to be having the same issue, when I mount it outside in the cold, the video is fine for the first few seconds and then it gets a blue hue. There is no issue when I bring the camera inside the home though. Wonder if anyone else has this issue too?

The same thing happened to me a few days ago.

Are your cams looking at a bunch of snow? ( that’s a real question )

It has been snowed since a month. However, it was only a few days ago that blue tones began to occur.
There was no problem at all even when it snowed a lot.

I have seen this often when a camera tries to balance out with tons of white. I guess this wouldn’t bother me if I could still see and it was a temporary situation. I bet if it wasn’t over saturated it would fall back to normal. I’m sure some body has some obscure filter or something… ugh. My only help is to pray for an early spring.

Thanks for your opinion.
I’ll keep an eye on it for a few days.
Have a nice day!

First snow with my cams (12 inches of it. Ugh)

2c cams all went blue
Cam 2 pros did not

Both still look great.

I’m seeing the same… 2C camera video starts normal then white snow shifts to look blue. 10+ inches of snow over everything right now.

Same issue here on one camera. Facing the backyard with everything covered in 10 inches of snow.

Yuck… ok … I have had my fill. Lets get back 2 better days. But the tint didn’t bother me a bit.