Very slow alerts. (Long delay between detection and alert)

Using a video doorbell with base station I am finding that there is an incredibly long delay in the time between somone walking up to my door and thentime I get an alert.

Not just a couple seconds, but close to a minute or more. I can get out of my vehicle in the driveway, walk to the door, open both locks and walk in and when I am taking off my coat to hang it up my phone notification will ding.

That is unacceptably long. That is long enough for someone to run up to the house, kick down the door, run up the stairs and put a bullet into me before the alert goes off! (Not that I am expecting that, but it is just barely long enough for that to happen). And I certainly do not want people to ring the doorbell and have to wait that long before I can respond.

When I first bought the system back in December it was quick and responsive enough that I was happy with it. But over time it has gotten slower and slower, to the point that it has become a joke around the house. “Hey, Dad’s phone is dinging, somebody must have been here 5 minutes ago!”

What is going on and how do I address this issue? If I can’t get a fix, I might as well just hook the old mechanical doorbell back up.


you don’t give much info. is the alert not coming to your phone (android, or ios) , echo,/ google device etc. if it’s your phone let us know the model with os version.

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I have the same issue with latest update of the app. Eufy needs to put previous version back since newest version also drains battery.


I’m having the same issue also. When I first bought it it was quick on the notification. Now it takes about a minute to notify me. I have two cameras in my garage by the time somebody comes in steal something from the garage and walks away I still won’t get the notification yet. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 21 ultra. Notifications on my phone is very slow and long delay. I’ve invested a lot on the Eufy security system and camera system.


Glad it’s not just me. Sounds like a legitimate problem.


Fair enough.

The alerts are coming to my phone. Android 11 on a Motorola Edge (2020)

The devices are the Eufy doorbell camera and base station. The newer model of base station, not the 1.0.

Phone app is the latest version.

As others have noted, this started with a very recent update. I might try backing down a version if I can find an older one and see if that changes it.

I really need this fixed. Alerts are being missed now too and the number of false positives (detected motion that is mot a human) is rising as well.

as far as delayed alerts go, could you go into your phone settings, go to “apps”, scroll down to the eufy app and open it. then go down to battery and open it. you should have 3 options. restricted, optimized & unrestricted. is it on unrestricted? if it is then it is likely not your phone. delayed alerts can be caused by many things, i get it from time to time and it is my belief that it is caused by a backup in the eufy servers. i believe in the usa they go through amazon servers.


Really frustrating that I can be sitting indoors while someone is stealing my wheels in my driveway.
Sometimes I can look at my cameras and then wait 5 or 6 minutes for a notification, system is rubbish!

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Same issue here with the latest update. Sometimes as late as 30 minutes before ill get the notification. The whole eufy system is trash. Really wish I went with another brand.

Enter here by coincidence…
Having a 4 camera setup around my house. Since a while I’ve also very slow alerts. Thought it was my ISP modem which has just been renewed.

Hopefully Eufy makes an update for his app very quickly.

The notification delay started in Mid to late 2021.
Eufy changed the way they deliver the notifications using cheap/free Google services.

You need to submit log from Eufy App.

Yeah, me too. If i get any notifcation at all, its a late one. Last update was pants.

Very often my camera doesn’t even capture any video.

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Which model?
Your detection zone setup? And sensitivity?

Same here. I have 3 wireless cams, the ones with 360 battery. Then the home 2 base and I used to receive my alerts almost instantly on my Samsung Galaxy S20 over wifi while I’m at home. Now, they show up about 4 minutes later consistently after the last update. If I can provide any more information, please let me know but other than the update, nothing has changed. It’s the same setup that I have been using for more than a year.

I am having the very same issue the cameras wont even pick up the motion until they are half way out of sight of the camera they are more than half way to robbing me i have the sensors set to the highest setting, then the notifications are 4-5 minutes out i have a brand new galazy s 22 ultra its not the phone

I am having the same issue. The alarm can happen several hours before it alerts on my phone or Alexa. Received an alert at 6:00 am from an incident that happened at midnight.

This problem is still active for me! I’m thinking of getting a Ring doorbell back. I used Ring before this Eufy device. It worked much better!

Eufy is only putting the “problem” with the user (internet, phone, interference… etc). It seems to me that Eufy hasn’t got it’s shit together.

I’m also part of unhappy Eufy door bell customer.

It is not usable as video door bell. If some one calls delay between the call and notification about 20 to 60 seconds. When you open app and try to connect it also take s 20-40 seconds. And no one will wait for 2-3 minutes next to your door. It doesn’t matter if you at home or outside the home the delays are there.

And doorbell not always rings. Sometimes you need to press several times to let it ring.


  • Base station is connected via ethernet
  • Distance from station to door bell about 2 meters
  • Door bell powered by grid
  • 1GB internet speed

I regret that I bought it.

Dear Eufy
I don’t understand why you have not replied to these complaints above. I have also got a Eufy 2k doorbell. I use a Google Pixel 4a phone with Android 13. My apps update automatically so I assume I have the latest version of Eufy Security app (v4.3_2051(EU)) and my husband uses iPhone SE 2020 and his apps are also updated automatically. The doorbell rings in the house immediately when pressed but our phones do not chime through the app for sometimes a minutes, often 5-10 minutes. The reason we bought this doorbell system a couple of years ago was to enable us to respond to callers when they are at the door, not when they have driven off and left a note through the letterbox to tell us we were out when they called!
It has become a joke between us but actually very serious because as a doorbell app it is completely useless!
Is there anything you can do to improve the response times please?
Thanks very much in advance of receiving a reply.