Using some of a set

I have the doorbell and Homebase 2 already. I would like to add two 2 Pro (outdoor) camera’s to it. I can get a deal for a set with a homebase 2 and 3 camera’s. Is it possible to add two cams to my HomeBase and someone else uses the homebase and one camera?

I don’t see why not. Just register the cams you want to your system like you normally do, then let your friend set up the Homebase 2 and the other cam themselves like a new user. Unless some more experienced users say differently :wink:

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The sets Eufy sells don’t have any special gear, so you can use parts in multiple different systems without any issues. Some people sell extra gear like Homebases and extra cams on Ebay or Craigslist and they will work fine when used together. I bought several cams that were part of multicam deals and used them in 2 separate systems without any issues.

Agreed. I have mixed and matched sets (cameras and home base units) before with no issues.

Same here, mixed the alarm kit with 2 camera’s, a separate doorbell and an extra door sensor. Works without any problem’s!