Using Macbook to monitor cameras

Can I use my macbook to monitor my cameras? I have the app loaded on myiPhone and iPad but see no program download on the Eufy site - only an app that does not run on my Macbook laptop.

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There isn’t a program for computers
There apps for phones & tablets, there’s also a website to view the cameras live & see any cloud recordings if you subscribe

Which one? Could you share link pls.

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Or if you have you 2 or 2c camera you can setup HomeKit and view them on home on your MAC, this is what I do at the moment. An app would be a good idea tho.

Hey guys,

For the camera setting, due to the privacy concern, we have made the setting only available to changed on the user’s mobile device via eufy security app.

According to our customer demand, we have made the LiveView available on the web channel, when you access:

Please noted that the video clips can now be download via the eufy Security app (Mac version). The LiveView is NOT supported at this stage*

Please noted that the eufy Security app is now available on the MacBook, so you can use the PC device to download the Videos. The windows version should be released in June as well.


It’s a year later than this post, did you get the Windows version done? I am very disappointed, I was under the impression when I bought this setup that I would be able to see it on my computer (best buy guy told me I could) but now that I have it set up and am trying to get it on my computer, I can’t. the phone screen it too small and I don’t have a tablet, I have a computer. Is there any reason that we cannot use our computer?

About the best solution for Mac and PC is using the Bluestacks android emulator then load the Eufy Android app. It gives you all the features of the mobile app on a PC or Mac. Bluestacks is free, but shows an ad or 2 when it loads, but once loaded, it will switch to Eufy and you aren’t bothered by ads. The Eufy app will notify you and allows live view and exporting files to the OS. I have been using this solution on several PCs and one Mac Mini for about 9 months without any issues.

Bluestacks is downloaded from Be careful, as there are several other sites that advertise Bluestacks, but serve adware or worse.

For those who don’t have any love for Google, the latest Eufy Security app is available at I have been using this site instead of Google Play and found the Eufy app and several others to be the same versions available from Google but without having to use the intrusive Play store. You can also save older versions of the app if you want to downgrade.

Bluestacks will run almost any Android app and it’s updated frequently. I am guessing that with this solution available, there isn’t any priority for Eufy to produce a native PC app. They have one for Mac, but it’s pretty lame and lacks features.