Uselessness of this forum as a support tool

If you have come here to report a problem with your Eufy device, you have come to the wrong place. As near as I can tell, there are only a couple of official users from Eufy that post here, and they mostly just post announcements and the like.

If you have a problem, you need to report it to directly because the only thing that will happen here is other people saying that they have the same problem. For what it’s worth, the support email has been pretty responsive for me (even if they haven’t solved my problems).

With any luck, they can pin this topic so people won’t waste their time.

It’s not really true though.
There are plenty of users who get their answers here, through other members of the community. Maybe it’s not the answer they’re looking for, but it is one.
eufy never states anywhere that this forum is the place for support. Heck, the site is even called ‘communitysecurity’. If there’s any mention of help or questions by a eufy official, it’s always towards and other official support channels.
The fact that eufy employees announce things here does of course not make this an official support channel. It’s their forum and they can do with it as they see fit.
I don’t know why so many people come here, instead of mailing support. Best we can do as a community is answer what we can and refer to

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The reason people come here is to find out if the issue they are having has already been reported and/or is resolved. Without a tool like that, actual support will field the same questions related to the same issues over and over again wasting support resources.

There are sections on the top of the forum that read “Support” … why is that there? So the community can support itself? Without at least some vetted experts in place, how useful can the information found there really be?

I came here because I was having issues with Geofencing. I found many threads talking about issues with that feature, but nothing substantive about any resolutions. Many of the threads related to issues arising from Firmware updates which are long past. Is that information relevant? Who knows? That’s my whole point.

I had (still have really) an issue with the tracking feature on the pan & tilt camera. It took 12 rounds of back and forth emails with support to find out that development already knows about it, but doesn’t have a handle on how to resolve it.

I proposed a solution to the support tech, but they don’t seem to field feature requests. There is a “Wish List” area on this forum, but without someone official monitoring it, what’s the point?

I don’t mean to disparage and community user who spends their time trying to help other users. But they should at least have the support of the company they themselves are supporting.

Many of us that try to help people on this forum came here because we didn’t get good answers from support about our issues. We try to answer questions where we can and give people good information based on our experiences.

There should be a sticky at the start that states this is a user supported forum and directs users to where they can get support from Eufy.

Also, the sticky should state that reposting the same questions and problems that have been posted dozens of times before, without searching for answers first, will likely result in no answers at all. I know if I see another new topic that has been beaten to death multiple times, I ignore it.