Useless footage

First thing how do you upload photo and video ?? So I can show how useless the footage is i am getting from my these Cam 2c cameras.
By the time the motion sensor activates the camera the person is one step from being out of view. I have the both cameras focused on my driveway and both are set to record 1 min but only go for sometimes as short as 6 secs with .5sec of who actually triggered the camera. The range of the sensor is no more than 4 meters where I have been told they should work up to 8. So it only has range for one of the 2 cars in my driveway. I have the motion area set to fover the full screen. Looks like I’ve wasted my money on this. Does not do an adequate job as far as I’m concerned. Will be taking them back and buying another brand. Unless someone can tell me something I’m missing.

Notifications are all over the place, sometimes instant sometimes 5 mins after the movement has been detected.

Hi mate,

I have the same cameras and they are producing great images and the sensitivity is good. I´ll give you my settings to try and maybe that helps?!

Night vision set to spotlight night vision (beware, this only work well if you have other security lights as well or the subject is very close to the cam)

Motion detection set to 7 High Human only

Power management Optimal Surveilance

Audio all on

Notification Full Effect

Spot light to full brightness

Good luck

Sorry… thought was another post from someone with 5sec clip.

Lots of us here that would be happy to try and help… but understand these battery cams take a bunch of trial and error based on what and where you want them to work. I have cams that I installed and they just worked. Other cam locations are still a work in progress. If your ready to jump ship without the work… I would do that.