Useless at night, and sometimes during the day

I was suspected that my pro 2 cameras was missing a lot of motions, tonight I confirmed it. It’s pretty dark outside and one camera recorded a car driving by for about 15 seconds and when I passed by the camera 20 minutes later it didn’t record me :flushed: the motion settings is set to the highest and all motions, night vision is working. I went from arlo and i thought that 2 pro should be better but now I don’t :pensive:

If there isn’t enough low light the sensor cannot detect motion. While the night vision works, it still needs some form of light to help trigger the sensor to record, that’s why I don’t recommend these for extremely dark areas.

Doesn’t it detect heat?

This is how it’s looks like when I’m leaving my house, i have some lights turned on on the garage. Shouldn’t the camera detect me here? If not, the cameras are really useless to me.

How high is your cam?

About 2.3m

LOL… stupid American here. Had to look that up in ft. ( I blame Jimmy Carter )

I have cams in TOTAL darkness and they work just fine. Your cams view looks like it’s looking straight down. The motion sensor on your cam wants motion going “across” the screen ( left to right or right to left )

If you walk out your door ( I’m assuming the mat is your front door) and walk past the side of your car with all motion set it should absolutely pick you up.

Try this just for fun. My cameras would set themselves to human only without telling me and the app said it was set to all motion. I believe this was some nonsense with their attempt at HomeKit stuff. Here is what I did each time this happened. ( your cams wouldn’t detect a human at this steep angle )

Set your cam to human only… give it a minute and shut off the cam. Give it a minute and turn it back on. Set it back to all motion and give it a try by walking past your car. Also do the same with the sensitivity… down and back to full… taking your time and shutting off the cam between settings.

Let us know your results. This worked for me until it happens again. I would also swap cams and try to relocate the cam for better cross screen movement. If none of that worked I would hard reset my cams and try again.

One of my cams missed 3 vehicles first thing this morning. One was a very large 1 ton truck with a big trailer. ( going left to right) No idea??? If I walk past the cam it will get me and then work like a charm the rest of the day. Full of bugs is normal with Eufy. Sad

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