Use 2 home base

Hi, I have 2 home base in my house (only use 1), can i use the second home base in my red? It’s usefull?

I’m not sure what you mean. Two homebases work fine, they just don’t communicate with each other.

Hi John, thanks for answering, my specific question is if it is worth installing a second hoebase in my house, obviously they would be separated by several feet, what do I win? would both home bases communicate with my cameras? Would you do it the fastest or closest?

@Carlos.videla.m the only use of 2 home base 2’s is to extend the first base for wifi or home base extending. They are not made for any other use aside from the intended.Happy New Year I hope its a much much better one…

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You can have multiple HomeBases on the same home network but since they don’t communicate with each other, all the security features (arm/disarm/home/away/etc) will need to be done individually to each homebase and each wifi only product, every time. It’s a bone head decision and it’s like having multiple security systems instead of one. God only knows why they decided to do it this way. It makes it useless as a unified security system especially since the keypad can only control one homebase and no wifi only products (wired doorbell, indoor cameras, outdoor floodlight). It’s like Frankenstein designed this.


Useless as a unified security system.