【US】【Winner Released】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift

Hey eufy fans,

We’ve tallied the likes and are ready to announce the winners of our Black Friday contest:

No. 1: @simo 9 likes
No. 2: @Duane_Lester 5 likes
No. 3: @TahaEng 5 likes
No. 4: @fuu_bar 4likes
No. 5: @jdl38 3 likes
No. 5: @Austen1 3 likes
No. 5: @ram621 3 likes

Congratulations to the 7 winners. We’ll send you a direct message/an email later, and your prize will be sent out as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!:laughing:

eufy Security Team

Hey US eufy fans,

The Black Friday Security sale begins next Monday, and we want to know what you plan to buy.

Here’s a reminder of some security goodies we’ve made this year:

  • Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi
  • Floodlight Cam 2 Pro
  • SoloCam S40
  • Dog Camera D605

In a comment, share what you’ll get and what you plan to use your new purchase for. We will select the 5 fans with the most likes to get a free Roav SmartCharge that you can take on the road.
(US fans only, for UK fans, click here: 【UK】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift ; for DE fans, click here: 【DE】Ein besonderer Wunsch zum Black Friday? )

The event will end on November 30th. We will anncounce the winners on eufy Community and in the eufy Security app. Winners will be contacted within three days.

Good luck, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve written! :star_struck:


I’m hoping to get my shopping finished! Hoping to get some camera for friends

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I would rather let those that have to work spend more time with their families and therefore will not shops in Black Friday.


I’m thinking a doorbell, just got done buyin to indoor cams. My house is mine and my wife’s first home and I wanna outfit our whole house with eufy to help keep my family safe.


I need some more indoor cams!

Oh and a EufyCam 2 Pro for the driveway


I’ll bite. I’m getting a new WiFi door lock. My kids have essentially tore the handles off the doors going in and out so much. They need replaced anyways. Debating telling them the passcode… :wink:


I would love to buy a doorbell that supports HKSV. :wink:


Waiting to get SoloCam S40

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Door lock and maybe a dog cam.:yum:

New battery doorbell please…

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I will buy a pro2 cam add on and a 4K doorbell camera.

I camera for my back door now that I’m obsessed with my doorbell feed.

Hopefully the last of the Christmas gifts I need. Some people are hard to shop for! Lol

I will buy outside moti
on sensors if they
become available this year

I want to get a Solocam S40 and hopefully, two solar panels to connect to two of my existing eufy cams.

I am a big fan of eufy. Already owning eufy Floodlight pros, eufy doorbells, eufy cams, eufy Floodlight, motion sensor, door sensors. I will look for door locks and if eufy has those smart displays to buy.

I plan on getting a 2K solo cam and a 2K floodlight. When they’re on sale or after the holidays. Maybe there will be some good sales on Black Friday.

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For me, it will be the Solo S 40… hopefully black Friday price would be in the price range.

Smith & Wesson 686. Been eyeing that baby at the shop for a month now! Waiting for a holiday to come around so I don’t get yelled at again.

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