[US] Skins for eufyCam, ONLY $15.99!

Eufy Security’s skins for eufyCam are on sale for just $15.99. They are available in packs of two:

Order Skins for eufyCam 1 & 2

Order Skins for eufyCam 2C

Features & details

  • Made to Measure: Designed exclusively for eufyCam. Provides a snug and secure fit without Interfering with the camera’s operation.
  • Conceal Your Camera: Blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment to conceal your eufyCam from potential intruders.
  • Install in Seconds: The soft and flexible silicone skin can be applied and removed from eufyCam in seconds.
  • Additional Protection: Provides added protection against UV rays and rain.
  • What’s In The Box: eufyCam Skin (2-Pack)

Great deal and glad to know they are available now, thanks @insider :+1:
I may need a set for my eufyCam duo :thinking:

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eufyCam Duo?

LOL… 2 each eufycam’s
not another version coming out as you may be thinking. I knew you would ask when I was writing :rofl:

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Well, rats! :laughing:

Glad these are finally available, now I can get rid of that unsightly cardboard hood I put over them

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Hey @Tank
Glad to see you here. surprised the cardboard hood can withstand the wind/rain/sun for that long? are you changing it every few days?
Anyways now you have a permanent solution.

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The cardboard was partially protected by the porch overhang, Its actually held up pretty good. It just got hard and crumbly and as long as I didn’t mess with it it worked good

Oh yea, I was here from the start, just always forget to check in and what not.

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