[US] Guess to Win on Prime Day!

Congrats to these 3 winners for guessing our products correctly! Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K and Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered).




eufy’s Prime Day “Guess What?” Challenge

It’s that time of the year - Prime Day! Instead of spending money on something you might not need, how about winning products that you’re definitely going to be happy you got?

This year, eufy has prepared a “Guess What?” Challenge to see how well you know our products. This is your chance to show off your eufy knowledge and get rewarded with a few of our mystery products, but you have to be quick.

During June 18th-20th, you can try to name the products that we’ve hidden from you. The first 3 lucky people to correctly guess will win them in a bundle. Comment your best guess (or guesses) below.

We will announce the winners on 21st of June. Check your messages on the eufy Security app to find out who won. Good luck!


My guess is eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell and eufy Security Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt

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Left: Indoor cam 2k Pan& Tilt
Mid: Home Base 2
Right: Wireless Door Bell

Das ist die Indoor cam + Station + Türglocke

Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt and Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (battery powered)

Indoor 2K camera, Homebase and 2K doorbell

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Indoor door cam 2k homebase and wireless door bell😁

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It looks like a Indoor cam 2k Pan & Tilt, Home Base 2 and Wireless Video Door Bell.

From left to right: Solo IndoorCam (Pan and Tilt), Homebase and Video Doorbell 2K

Homebase, indoor 2k pan and tilt and 2k doorbell

Left: Indoor cam 2k Pan& Tilt
Mid: Home Base 2
Right: Wireless Door Bell

A eufy pan indoor security camera, and a eufy doorbell cam. Thank you.

Homebase, indoor 2k pan and tilt and 2k doorbell

Indoor cam 1080p pans & tilt, with the video doorbell 2k (battery powered) and the home base.

2K Sicherheitskamera mit Schwenk-Neige-Funktion, Homebase, 2K Video Türklingel

Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Bridge, Keyless Entry Door Lock

Das ist das # 5-teilige Smart Home Set

Sicherheitssystem mit Bewegungssensor, 2 Diebstahl-Sensoren, Alarmsystem, mit App, kompatibel mit eufyCam, Steuert andere HomeBase Überwachungsgeräte

Indoor pan and tilt camera, Homebase and wireless front door bell

Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, HomeBase & Smartlock touch (fingerprint)