【US/CA】💗Share Your #eufyMoments to Win Permanent Outdoor Lights & Wall Light Cams

Hey eufy fans,

The season of love is just around the corner, and at eufy, we’re excited that Valentine’s Day is happening soon. Join us in sharing moments of love captured on eufy devices. Make those moments unforgettable by turning loving memories into gifts that speak from the heart :heartbeat:

:heartpulse: What is #eufyMoments All About?

#eufyMoments is all about celebrating, and sharing, the joy found in our everyday lives. As we get closer to the season of affection, we invite you to share the loving interactions caught on your eufy devices. Whether it’s a meticulously planned surprise, shared bursts of laughter, donning Halloween costumes together, or simply a warm embrace—each of these moments deserves to be cherished and shared.

:gift: What’s in It for You?

:cupid: We’ve prepared some sweet rewards to make your celebration of love truly unforgettable.

  • eufy and Cupid’s Picks

  • Participation Awards: All participants will receive 50 eufyCredits. The maximum amount of eufyCredits you can earn from this activity is 150.

:question:How to Participate

  1. :video_camera: Share loving moments captured by eufy devices.

  2. :arrow_double_up: Directly upload these precious moments to and fill out this :arrow_right:: entry form.

:heavy_check_mark: How to Win

  • Share Sweetness: A birthday surprise, a deep embrace, cuddling on the couch, or any other sweet moments you’d love to share.

  • Share Interesting Moments: Laughing out loud together, dressing up for Halloween, high-fives, impromptu karaoke, fierce game nights, or any other interesting moments you want to share.

Our team will be on the lookout for videos that are full of love, warmth, genuine feelings, fun, and overall alignment with the theme.

:date: Key Activity Dates

  • Activity Starts: January 16th

  • Submission Period: January 16th – 31st

  • Winners Announced: February 5th

:pushpin: Participation Tips:

:heartpulse: Embrace Love this Season

Don’t miss your chance to freeze time and create snapshots of love that will last a lifetime. Who knows, your captured moments of affection might even turn into extraordinary gifts to cherish together.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at eufymoments@eufy.com.

Every gesture of love counts :rose:

The eufy Team


Don’t trust eufy, they don’t even honor their own prize give aways.
#eufysecurity #eufyclean #eufy #liars


Sure they do. Ya gotta play to win!

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Done and hoping ours are considered. Good luck all

@eufy_official if winners have been announced for this awesome giveaways

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The winners have not yet been announced. They still don’t give eufycredits

I submitted a great doorbell video as well and was hoping to win something too. I haven’t seen a winner list as of yet.

did you receive eufycredits?

No, I haven’t received any credits for this event yet. Have you received credits? Do you know where the winner list is located?

Pourquoi ma caméra ne visionne pas une voiture blanche

They list an email address to write to if you have any questions or issues:

L9ve my video door lock

I already emailed that email address and haven’t received a response back. That was several weeks ago too. I’m mainly curious where the winners list is located. I haven’t seen anything posted on any of their platforms.

No guester allow please

I have also followed up with @eufy_official email listed above and hopefully hear back with some updates

I have received an email that I was one of the winners and won the S100 Wall Light Canera . Hopefully some of you have been contacted.


IDK if anyone is still here… eufy has never so much as responded to any problems I’ve had and messaged through the app.