Update required

The Eufy door bell needs a huge update. It hardly picks up any mail drops or packages left by my door. Can easily be stolen without me knowing.

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I do not have the eufy doorbell, but i assume it would be like the cameras in which case, have you tried adjusting the sensitivity and changing to detect all motion?

Same with the Indoor 2k. I have it pointing out a window, max sensitivity, 99% of the time misses the mailman. What I’ve noticed is that if someone walks at a snails pace, it’ll detect it, but if someone was running or walking fast, then it doesn’t trigger a notification. A lot of times it records too late when there’s motion or a person detected. And a week ago, there was one day where it didn’t record a single event!

Please Eufy. Fix and update the Person AI because the detection is too slow and not accurate at all. I have to enable All Motion as well because a majority of people walking by are not detected.

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the problem with pointing your camera out a window has more to due with the reflective coating on windows and also the reflection. Generally cameras pointing out a window have trouble due to the reflection and the sensor not picking up the movement right away until the sensor can adjust and account for the reflection/reflective surface. Many other cameras, Arlo/Wyze/Blinx/Nest all have had this issue at one point or another due to positioning, and the best way to fix that is to not point it out a window and provide it direct access to where you want the camera to record.

as for the doorbell, try playing around with the angle of which you have it mounted. it might be too low, too high or the angle is off and also adjust the settings within the app until you get a satisfied result.

For a doorbell or battery cam this is correct as it uses PIR sensors. The indoor cam uses pixel detection so that should work through a window.

Firas, what is your situation? How is the doorbell set up and what are its settings? For me it work fine, so it must be a situational thing. I’d like to share my settings with you to see if it helps.