Update homebase 2

Today there was a update and all the cameras and homebass must installed again. So i take all the cameras(5) and make the update.
After i installed the cameras en put them back the Homebase asked another time to installed the cameras once again!Why. After update they don’t work!!!

Same issue here. I removed all cams, restarted HomeBase2 snd added and synced all cams again. Then all worked fine again for one week.

Now the same issue again. I have to remove, add and sync all cams again. This is …

It should not be possible to update devices without any confirmation by the enduser. If these updates happen automatically during holiday absence and you can’t access the cams anymore …

Same here, it I have to keep resetting the Homebase 2.

I have had my cameras 6 weeks now and had 5 weeks of issues, servers and now this. I’ve had enough.
I’m based in the UK and want to send these back for a full refund. I’m upset as these are great cameras but as expected it’s run by a company like I’ve always said are not a security company and letting the product down. Someone like amazon or Apple should have invested in this brand and brought on their software expertise.

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How did you reset the HomeBase2? Via the small pin at the lower back of the HomeBase2?
Did you you have to add all cams manually again after the reset of the HomeBase2?