Update eufyCam camera still images on “pull down” refresh

On the Devices page, the still image that is displayed for each eufyCam is from the last recorded video.

It’d be great if you could update all of these images at once by simply pulling down / refreshing the Devices page. At the moment, you have to view the live feed of each camera, one by one. If you have many cameras, this can take a lot of time.

This functionality would be useful if you’re away from home (e.g. on holiday) and want to get a quick snapshot of your entire property.


^^what he said.

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This should be a basic part of the system.

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This would be so nice. I have wired cams that I almost never watch the live feeds on the monitor. And when I do it’s just a quick glance. This option would give me almost the same usefulness. Don’t think the batteries would take a big hit either.


Great idea!

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This would make life a lot easier!!

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I left the same wish…few month ago :slight_smile:

…but your is written better than mine :smiley:


i would like similar. an updated shot when an alert is received would do here.

This is the first shortcoming I noticed when I installed my system. Would be a huge usability change.

This would be the most awesome, data efficient way to get an “at a glance” view of your cameras! Much needed!

Agreed. I just installed a Eufy doorbell to try it out because Ring has gone down the toilet with their iphone app. But yes, I noticed that when you “pull down” to refresh, it doesn’t refresh anything. It should be refreshing the still image. Actually, that is something that Ring does… when you open the app, in a few seconds it refreshes the still image automatically.

it’s nice to innovate, Ring supports this option and Eufy hasn’t even paid attention to it in the last 4 years. According to the principle of the six handshakes, perhaps they will reach the team that approves and implements such practical solutions. I think it’s the little things that make customers happy.