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I am following this too. I will buy another 5 cameras if they do this!

I am sorry to say but Eufy developers don’t have the basic understanding of what automation means.

You have input devices and output devices, and some devices like Eufy Cam or doorbell or floodlight are both input and output.

For eg. Cam 2C has IR sensor, camera and microphone so all this are input (trigger), and the speaker and led light are output (action).

A true automation rule should allow any input with any output from any device.

How bad is this? You cannot even link 2 Eufy floodlights together. Zero integration!

Eufy hardware is the best, their phylosophy is good ( no subscription,local storage, no internet dependency, quick support), but the software is not there, it doesn’t integrate with itself, forget about (their false promises of) IFTTT.


Please make this happen sooner than later. Eufy makes many promises without following through. Like advertising IFTTT integration on their website and packaging.


Haven’t been on the fourms in a while. I figured I’d pop in and see if we even atleast have plans for improve… this is discerning. Im over here still just wanting a keypad so I can get out the door because of how terrible the face “im suppose to recognize you but i screech at everything because im terrible” ID is. I jumped on board when just the 2 cameras were all you got for the price of an arm and a saw your own leg off $400 if I do remember correctly. Im just surprised someone is actually down in the comments. The community or atleast when I joined the club were positive and took comfort in the fact “well they’ll get things ironed out” fast forward a year and im pretty sure we have accomplished meager if anything at all towards a viable security system. Or let me say capable because it is a security system and to some loons “okay enough” and viable to them. But even at the price point now its nothing short of robbery, with Amazon’s 20 (im pretty sure they’re 5 but ill give you the benefit of doubt here but still) dollar little square waterproof spy/hidden camera accomplishing literally 95% of what this $400 monstrosity does for me. All without having to have a base to run it through. They actually pull up before people walk away from the door thinking im not even at the house. Litterally a stump on a log trying to get the feed up, if it even comes up at all before you run to the door looking like a fool. Its a wonder ive not dropped somebody in the living room yet from being startled by being caught off guard trying to pull up the feeds. You had one job… vacuums …light bulbs …dog cams …skins. seriously guys youre pumping out dollar store items faster than Peter cotton tail and thumper dispense offspring. Why don’t we hone in on one or MAYBE two and get it to where they’re actually worth something before jumping here there and alittle bit of everywhere. You dont build a house out of rotten boards with intentions of fixing them but instead start slapping on broken windows, half a door, 3 shingles, call it a day then wonder when you’re gonna move in all your shit. You’ll live in it a while putting that paper thin not ment to fix anything masking tape over the holes and then one day youve got so many holes in so many things it rains and the shitting thing crashes around you causing you to lose everything. I dont see how someone could blindly do something so self destructive even more so start a business, though not just any business a sub branch off of a somewhat already successful Arlo and, Im really not trying to be mean but end up looking like a jackass with a higher price tag a halfway product and a promise to make things right. I mean talk about flying by the seams of your pants, if I had even a 1/10 of your luck someone would have sent me and probably 100’s of other people a damn keypad for our sanities sake. Not because we paid almost double the now amount for a complete system instead of our 2 cameras, but hey I can buy skins lolz or make sure the fed ex man I probably will never see, can safely store my package. I mean geeze guys are we dealing with the backup teams backup here? I paid for the badasses not the dumba… well you get my point but you’re really shooting yourselves in the foot here when the community is telling you what needs to happen and you continue to jump product to product adding only obscure things (because they aren’t upgrades) like a puberty stricken boy lose on the internet for the first time. We weren’t all dicks at first and the old posts are there to prove it. The mood was positive to “well maybe they’re not responding they’re working so hard to fix things”, then “well they’re probably not doing comments” after we see assurance ‘good things’ are happening. *out comes a dog treat dispenser “woooow did these assholes really just release a dog treat dispensing camera?” This is eufy’s great step in the right direction… After ignoring us and all the valid fixes most of which have been acknowledged and even promised to be incorperated but none or next to none have appeared even some pushing a year now. So i mean what do you expect, your house has holes to say the least… You play people for fools pretty much robbing them blind with sprinkles of deception on top which really does tend to bring out the best in people. These request here that have deceptively been promised in the past would be great and greatly appreciated but sadly I dont think Arlo will or even wants to step into help. You’re like that one member of the family some call the evil little red headed step child ie, disappointment, the gets too talky when they drink, the overly emotional parent that has you crawling under the movie theaters seat… you get my point . But please seriously. Can you fix your first product and get us a security system? Most of us really need them or we would have bought something more enjoyable. The door locks were a decent idea but with your track record im not trying to forever be locked in my loud mouthed alarm system home that thinks I’m the intruder most of the time. Again you had one job and amazon could and probably is kicking your butt with a 5 dollar cube. That should make you mad. It does me. Do you know how many cubes I could have for $400. Enough to make a big ass rectangle, thats for sure. One that could see every nook and cranny of my property. If you’re gonna settle for shit atleast make them usable with other camera systems so they can be of some use to us after eufy drives us all away and not just destined to live in a dumpster. There are too many people making great systems for you to continue to ignore the community and you can only sell to so many people once and when you treat them horrible and continue to shovels them false hope its only a matter of time before everyone has established an opinion towards you and you dont even get the first sale. Than goodness I didn’t get the spot light or the door cam I initially considered when released. Not even having those or the small indoor cams a part of the main system is I bet taken as a joke 90% of the time until people realise. “Oh shit this is a cruel joke they thing DONT connect” or so everyone is saying. Thats like a given. You create a hub or base. Everything goes through that system or you cloud base everything. When you pick and choose just whatever you can get to work with the program as is speaks volume into just how clueless this establishment is and indeed puts you in a class of which that same amazon cube finds itself. A fix is in the works is only viable for so long until people realise there is no fix only trying to silence the “hate” or in this case the truth of the products. A step in any direction forward would be great. A keypad would be shockingly good. Along with the old issues ever so present. Everything stated in the comments above that has be repeated multiple times should promptly be incorporated into the system. Regardless of what it takes to make it happen. You’ve ignored our security systems enough this year. Where is the value? I sure haven’t found the $400 in my two cameras yet


My camera alarm is now triggered when the Homebase alarm is triggered, nice! Keep up adding more stuff like this please!

What would really help is to be able to play a quick response message on my doorbell when it senses someone. I have my motion sensor linked to my doorbell which is under my carport.
When a person steps in under my carport, I would like the doorbell to say something like “Hello, you are being monitored”. That way they will be less likely to tamper with my car.
How can you add/create additional actions?


There’s a big thing overlooked with the automation actions. Why can’t I set my camera NOT to record as an action to a trigger? For instance, my cameras are always set for motion detection even when I’m home so if i open the back door I want the back camera NOT to be triggered and start recording me. It wastes battery.

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This security system is really disjointed.
I bough the latest of everything, home base 2, dual doorbell, etc.
the security tab now shows 2 “alarm systems” to be armed and disarmed.
1 is the homebase ecosystem (window sensors, motion, etc).

The doorbell shows up as a second alarm system!
Why would I want to arm and disarm my doorbell?? It adds another layer of confusing menus to arm and disarm the system. Not sure my family will ever figure out how and which alarm to arm.

So far eufy support has said “they are 2 separate systems” that don’t talk to each other. Automations don’t show half of the devices. I can’t seem to get anyone to tell me how to set up the doorbell as just a device, not a second alarm system.

Don’t buy the new devices if you want your alarm to be usable. (Dual Doorbell, floodlight pro 2, etc).

Sounds like eufy may be exiting the security business

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You automation is shit. It should work for ALL eufy products if they connect with home base or not. Sensors should be able to make you smart plugs turn on or off. Then you could make a Sensor turn on a light as you enter a room. If everything works together then people would buy other parts to make a true smart home. Then you would make more money.

Seems like it might with their new homebase 3, but no good details until next week.