Understanding new iOS release

Hi Guys,

Today my iOS App got updated in build 2.1.0.
I can see in the release the following points but I have no clue how it works…
2 The Eufycams series supports the setting of pushing screenshots
5 Entry Sensor supports “Open” status alert and “daily” status check

Would you mind clarifying ?

Heh, cool! Looks like they do change the entry sensor behaviour after I asked about it. Curious to see what this cryptic message means…

The 2C cams still don’t have an option to get notifications as a picture pop up… after the update there still isn’t an option to select?

The question you should ask is whether the feature you expect is what they mention in the changelog :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m asking them to clarify… the changelog is everything but clear…

No feedback from Eufy’s team ?

can someone of Eufy’s team explain why the 2/2c dont have the possibility to send the screenshot with the notification??? we need that function please

After updating to IOS 14 today when opening the app had the message to allow access to network t comunicate with other devices on my network, anyone know what this is for?