Unable to view camera on google display

Hi there,

I bought this camera as I owned google display device. The product says it is compatible with google assistsnt but I cany accesss/stream the cameras using the google display. Has anyone successfully stream the eufy cam to google?



Same here! It says camera stream is currently unavailable. Bought it to connect with google home. Disarming and arming works fine.

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Fixed it by reconnecting Eufy in the Google home app and sync the devices .

I have the same problem since a couple of days with my video doorbell. Stream is not loading. But trying to disconnect and connect Eufy in the Google Home app and sync devices is not working for me. More people have this issue??

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Same problem here - not able to stream to my google chromecast when it worked previously and I haven’t changed any settings…

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Through Nest Hub Max works, but it only works for 5 minutes and crashes. Every five minutes you need to say “ok google turn on the camera”
And I noticed it was on this camera, in the fifth minute the column freezes and the column already cannot respond to the command "ok Google"Only after two hours gives the command.
if I turn on the camera from wyze, then the google voice assistant starts working again.

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Same here. Cannot stream my Eufy cameras on my google displays, the screen is stuck on a black screen with “Eufy Security Camera” written.
My other brand cameras work!

Glad to see this thread. I was about to purchase a nest hub

Well, what’s the as answer to this?? I have 3 Eufy cameras and they won’t stream to my tv anymore same issue as everyone “camera feed is not available “ ridiculous no one has any idea and no support from EUFY them self. Answer is DO NIT BUY EUFY PRODUCTS NO SUPPORT…….

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Long thread going years back.
False advertising.

Sadly the issue still remains.

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SOME progress.

Two steps forward, three back.

Same issue here. I get either “Live” with a green dot but blank screen, or simply “Live Video Unavailable”.

I tried reducing the streaming and recording video quality to low. Suddenly it worked!!! Then I went in and out at different qualities and now I can’t get it to work at all again (even with the same settings I had when it worked).

I’ve contacted support. Will let you know if I hear back.

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Same here.

It hasn’t worked for a while, i made a ticket at the support, when it stoped working, they said that they are doing some maintenance, and then the problem will be solved. Until now, no change …

And my first condition when i bought the camera, was the compatibility with the Google services …

I was planning to get the doorbel, a few other cameras and the Eufy Homebase, but now i have big second thoughts …

Bellow, you can see that the camera it is not streaming into the Google Home app. The same is with the Nest hub. The camera works fine with the eufy app, i’ve unlinked and added back the eufy security into the Google Assistant settings, multiple times, changed the streaming quality, all without luck.

Mine, just like everyone elses it seems, also does not work. Comes up with “Camera feed is not available.”

I’m hoping this is something Eufy is working on. It hasn’t been working for a long time now.

Same issue on my Google Nest Hub and Pixel 6. It is showing “Camera feed is not available”.

I have two camera + a camera doorbell. Same as everyone else, I can’t view the live stream on the google home app. Apparently, live view is only available on the eufy security app.
However, I still can view the live stream on my google nest hub by tapping home control or giving google assistant a simple command of “hey google, stream device name”. The pros is that the loading time to have the live view onto the screen gets shorter after the system update a while ago. The cons is that only able to view live stream of 1 device at a time and not able to use/control all the other functions on the cameras and doorbell such as microphone, lights and manual alarm etc.
As for the chromecast with google tv, I used to be able to view live stream on it but I have no idea since when it stopped working. I tried go around the system to install eufy security app on my chromecast with google tv and I came to a conclusion that it’s pointless to do so. The app is laggy and unstable to the point that the app will clash before you get to finish signing into your account. For now, it seems like the best way to view or operate the eufy devices are through the eufy security app on the mobile.
I feel scammed after learning that eufy having a major security breach not long ago and having such poor compatibility with google devices.

Same situation here exactly

This is totally annoying! There is no way to check a live video from any Google device; there is no workaround whatsoever. EUFY, please come on! You can do better!

Same here.
Work on Google nest hub (first Gen) but only for 5 minuts
Don’t work at all on mine Lenovo smart display 7"
Got 3 cameras and a doorbell =/

Also rstp is fuck up… Don’t work at all… The fuck?

Throwing my hat in the ring, though I see by this thread that’s a futile effort. Tried unlinking Eufy from Google Home and removing all devices, then re-linking and re-adding all the devices. Did not help at all. Still unable to stream live feed in the Google Home app and also unable to stream/cast live feed to any of my TV’s. I have 7 cameras, 2 of which are NEST, the remaining 5 are Eufy. Looks like I’ll be dropping Eufy entirely since they’re unable to integrate with my current ecosystem.