Unable to log in. "Failed to request." error when trying to log into the Eufy Security Android App / iOS App / Web Portal

Has anyone received this error when trying to log in? Changed my password and now consistently getting this error on multiple devices across the apps and web portal.

There’s no error code or anything but I’m unable to login to my account. Cameras seem to still be on with RTSP stream still functioning, but am not able to properly login and control the pan / tilt of my cameras at all in the Eufy Apps.

The instability I’ve seen with Eufy so far is making me consider replacing their cams with something more reliable / consistent.

Check and make sure your email is or isn’t capitalized, this does make a difference when signing in

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Happens to me as well. And that’s regardless of having the email capitalized or not. Still “Failed to request” - and this is ONLY after changing the password on the website.

PS: On the website I can login just fine, login on the app is the problem.

How do you fix this? Im currently getting" Failed to request" on all platforms…yet here I am posting…

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Is it solved for you? I’ve got the same problem…

Try to restart your phone.

Had the same issue. Turns out removing the relevant device from 2FA “trusted devices” resolves the issue and allows login. However, this requires one to have at least one actively logged in device to actually remove the other.

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Had the same issue, it kept showing error 401 when trying to log in.

Solved by deleting and reinstalling the app. Worked fine afterwards, no reconfiguration was needed.

Eufy should have instruction on changing Password etc.

User must remove 2FA.

Those who have problem should call or email Eufy to reset account.

Thanks, your suggestion to delete and reinstall the app saved me!

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Without doing any changes, I got this 401 waring today on my iPad…
Thanks for the post „reinstall the app“ - that solution worked for me :+1:

Re-installing the app on iPhone seems to fix the problem but anyone got it working again on M1 Macs? It used to work before until the famous 401 unauthorised came up.
Sometimes I need to watch the doorbell cam while working for deliveries and now it’s limited to phone only.