Unable to connect with application server

I am getting message Unable to connect with application server on 6/15/2020.
How do I fix this?
Is this a Eufy issue?


same here 6 cameras 2 doorbells all down getting 504 error .

This is 100% a Eufy Issue. Their servers have been having issues all week and last week. By the way support won’t do squat. You just have to wait until they fix it.

Can’t log into the app. I deleted the app to reinstall it because I couldn’t connect to the server to see if that would help. Now, I can’t even log into the app at all.

Update: Was able to log in! Happy about that!! App is still having connection problems with server though.

Been issues all weekend…supposedly Rudy has been working on it…yes it is down as of now…not to happy

I saw on one of the threads that they are having issues so their servers are down for now. They really should have notified everyone before hand

As a new Eufy customer, im beyond not happy and am sending my equipment back to Amazon and going to Ring. At least they’re stable and reliable, which is paramount for a security system.


That’s why I’m hoping they will add the ability to port forward so that no servers are needed. Arlo is now doing this on there base stations. I returned my arlo pro 2’s for this eufy 2C kit. Because the arlo firmware was bad, pixelated, stutter and I don’t want to go through a exchange. And these are Apple Homekit Secure Video compatible. If you have iOS you don’t have to use Eufy’s app or servers at all, if you have a Apple hub ie Apple TV or HomePod or a iPad plugged in. Hoping they will fix this server issue soon and add port forwarding

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I’ve had the system for about a year and this is the first time I’ve had an issue. The system has been reliable up till now.

I’ve only got 1 doorbell and I can connect and watch live video as well as recorded clips.
I’m in the UK.

Notified eufy support that their servers are not able to handle the alerts months ago.
They worked at first, then were slower and slower until I get no alerts now. App always says unable to connect to application server…
If my phone and base are both on the same wifi network, alerts work fine. But if my phone uses cell network, and base uses wifi, no alerts.
So system is worthless for security unless I’m home! Eufy support said connect phone to wifi???

I’m getting the message “Unable to connect to the application server_”
I am able to see the two doorbells but nothing on my local storage.
It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Is anyone else getting the message?
I’m in New Jersey.

AWS is apparently having issues. Maybe that’s what’s causing it now.

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Still down day 2. Is it still AWS?

I have this error now. Along with unable to connect to homebase -3. Not sure if its my wifi of the connection to the server (as help pages and feedback are not working also? Thanks

I am also getting this issue. When clicking on help that is also erroring withnet::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
However if I take the url and try it outwith the app it works fine