Unable to connect to video doorbell (P2P connection failure) [cannot connect or view recordings]


I am having the same problem: “Unable to connect to video doorbell (P2P connection failure)” and then it tries to establish a secure video channel.

Practically, the whole system I bought and set up is useless. I can’t see the video from away and I have restarted/reinstalled and the whole shebang. Nothing changes the behavior.

Please help and advise.

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What network settings do you have set up? Are you using a router/modem combo unit? Are you using multiple routers?
What kind of phone do you have? And are you using wifi or cellular data to access the app

Hello Tank,

I know you are trying to help. Let’s see!
Here is the breakdown:
What network settings do you have set up?
What do you mean?

Are you using a router/modem combo unit?
I am with Rogers. It i their Ignite Box. I guess it is a modem/router combo. Isn’t it?

Are you using multiple routers?
The base station is hardwired to the Ignite box. It is the same network my other devices connect to.

What kind of phone do you have?

And are you using wifi or cellular data to access the app?
If I am home I am using wifi and if I am outside I am on data.

I look forward to resolving this issue. It wasn’t always like this and I didn’t change anything. Anyhow, you are the expert lv4 so I am humbly and respectfully waiting for your help.


Did you updated your iPhone app? I started to have the same issue a week ago and it was running well since September last year. It all started after I updated the eufy Security app. Is there is a bug in the app how it can be reported?

So I have been dealing with this issue all of a sudden. I cannot view any live video or recorded events on either iphone in my house while connected to the 5GHz wifi network. If I switch to LTE/Cellular data, I can view them, or, if I switch to my 2.4GHz wifi band. (the modem/router is brand new, less than 2 months old)

I have an ActionTec C3000A modem that is all factory defaults. I have not changed anything, and it stopped working. Any ideas why the 2.4 band and LTE works, but not the 5ghz band?

I will say I contacted support and they viewed the logs and said it doesn’t appear to be on the eufy side, but something with my router.

I am having the exact same issues, I think. My doorbell works right when I set it up and sync things. The second I click the doorbell into its mounting base I lose signal and can’t get any video. The signal at the door is strong with 4 bars so I do t know why I can’t keep a signal there to view video. I have cameras working that are getting a weaker signal.


I bought the Eufy Doorbell just two weeks ago and until yesterday was working ok. Now i get the P2P Connection failure.
Works ok if i remove it from the mounting base but put it back in then the problem comes back.

Please help

I’ve narrowed the p2p connection problem down to the wifi channel settings on my router. If my router is set to optimise the channel and use 20, 40 or 80 MHz then the eufy 2K wired doorbell occasionally drops out with the p2p connection error. When I disable wifi channel optimisation and only use 20 MHz then it reconnects instantly. Just wish my router would retain the settings; it appears to reset itself and default to channel optimisation which makes the doorbell disconnect….!

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Doe me the same problem

I have the same issue.

I’ve worked out that the live feed works when:
(a) the camera detects motion and sends a notification to the app which I click; and
(b) when the doorbell button is pressed and sends a notification to the app which I click.

If I want to just view the live feed without a notification being present on the app or without it detecting motion, it does not work. In those cases, the app spends about 5 - 10 seconds saying that it is trying to establish a secure connection, then gives an error message saying that it has failed to establish a p2p connection.

After such an error, if I move in front of the camera or press the doorbell button, I can immediately view the live feed. This indicates it is unlikely to be a connection quality / strength issue and in fact either:
(a) some kind of firmware or software issue; or
(b) something odd like it running an unsecured feed for motion / doorbell ring triggered video feed vs a secured connection for other access to the video feed.

The doorbell is recording the motion and doorbell button push events and they are accessible via the app.

I can’t update the settings on the doorbell using the app. Every time I try, it says it has failed. This includes setting of motion sensitivity, motion zones, etc. The app will however allow updates of settings on the chime.

My set up:

  • Chime (version, subsystem
  • S210 doorbell (version
  • iPhone 8 plus
  • standard ISP provided wifi router

I’ve tested the wifi signal using the Eufy app and it says ‘solid’ full signal for both chime and s210 doorbell. They are all within 5m of the router and each other.

The tech support are helping me out via email, but have quickly reverted to asking for serial numbers and product details, indicating they are likely going to offer me a replacement if their suggestions do not work.

Their suggestions have been to:

  • check wifi strength (all fine, didn’t fix)
  • reset the chime in the app (done, didn’t fix)
  • reset the doorbell by removing the pairing in the app, charging the doorbell for 2+ hours and then re-pairing it on the app (done, didn’t fix)

Others in and around 2021 have said adjusting wifi settings, limiting it to 20mhz only (rather than allowing 20/40mhz switching), sometimes fixes this issue. I checked my wifi settings and it was already set to 20mhz only. Whilst I was in the wifi settings, I swapped the wifi channel just in case it was a traffic issue - didn’t fix it.

A quick Google search shows massive volumes of posts on this issue in 2021, a dip in such posts, and then a massive surge once again from about March 2024 onward. Judging by that trend, my guess is a firmware or app update has caused this problem.

It does not matter whether my phone is connected to the wifi or using cellular data. The same issue occurs.

Some have suggested turning off 2 factor authentication. Tried it, didn’t work.

I will continue to update you all in the hope of helping others in this situation.