Unable to connect to servers

Fix your system. Stop sending alerts if the servers are down. I can’t view anything but the cameras see something.


Im in the UK and still able to view doorbell and my 2c live on WiFi & 4G mobile network.

What’s your location?

Ok if we have local storage then WHY does the system need a server?! This is not a good thing and now I cannot trust eufy anymore. If you have onboard memory there should be no need for having to use a server. If needed then for what or why?


I am new here. Trying out the indoor cam to replace some Arlos but i can give you a good educated guess based on some networking principles.

Simply put if you have a router your home network is behind a NAT. This means you can’t get to it directly from the internet to your camera. EUFY servers act like a proxy in between your device and the camera so you can get through the NAT.

The communication is something like your camera keeps a connection to EUFY so it can now when your device wants access to it. When your device wants content from the camera your device tells EUFY, and then it relays the request to the camera because it has a open connection to it. Once the camera has the connection it will then sent the info back to EUFY and then eufy forwarda the info to your mobile device. That may not happen when you are on your local network though.

The new indoor cameras may help with this if you setup RSTP with local nas storage. That would function completely independent of there servers and you can monitor ig remotely. In my testing i was using something called motion eye on my home server and it was working pretty good

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I am having the same issue of seeing “unable to connect to servers”. Cannot set snooze for the alerts that continue to go off. Cannot contact chat as they are offline, and the phone line says they are having difficulties and to email them. No help. Eufy, what is an update on the servers, please? And, what information is the server housing that I need it for my system that doesn’t use the cloud? TY

i suspect allot of there 2k cameras have dropped in peoples hands and they are having problems keeping up with it.

The issue with local storage qnd not needing them to be inbtetween is a tough one. Arlo setup a method for users to use VPN’s and port forwarding and has been getting ripped a new you know what for months for folks because of it.

Yeah, why do eufy cameras NEED a server? Shouldn’t the app connect directly to the cameras or Homebases? If I am at home, and the Internet goes down, then will I not get any notification even though the camera and my phone are on the same LAN?

I need to do some tests.

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So you are saying even with using HomeKit and HKSV only it still has to communicate with the servers?! I know for a fact that I can remove the communication from eufy by turning on “restrict to home” only under my eero secure network on HomeKit. If that’s wrong then educate me some more please. When I do that my cameras and base work just fine especially now with there servers. I have 2 home bases 1 HomeKit and 1 eufy app (with I cannot control anything now) plus I cannot even get to my motion videos for the day ( says cannot connect to network or no connection). So if its local I should be able to get to my recording without connecting to there servers. ITS LOCAL… Just saying thanks :grimacing::v:t2:

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SO disappointed with Eufy right now!! Did as much research on their security cams as I could and the main selling point was local storage and not needing servers and clouds…guess what? I installed my $400+ camera system in yesterday and then today everything falls off the rails and I can’t access videos or change some settings because they’re having server issues. If they can’t fix this soon or at least give us a timeline mine are being boxed right up and sent back and I’ll do everything I can to expose this to others thinking of buying their products.


The concept of what i am saying has nothing to do with Homekit, HKSV, or anything other then network security principles.

A NAT seperates your internal network from the internet. To have a connection be able to make access to internal devices from outside the NAT, you either ned to open a whole from the inside like have the camera open up a connection to Eufy, or create a opening in the NAT that does something called port forwarding to allow traffic from the router to a specific host inside. In many cases end users like us seem to get upset if we are asked to configure our network router for port forwarding.

I do agree that local access should work without having a requirement from their servers, but there still needs to be a mechnisim for athentication to your local devices that works. Once you want any level of security that becomes a much harder conversation. Not insurmountable, but it does add complexity. It is easy to say that it should work, but i understand why.

What i am more frustrated with though is the fact that being a IT professional why is it taking so long to resolve this server problem. In todays world there is so much effort put into clustering and such it should be darn near impossible for an app to go completely down unless there is a huge shortage of reosurces and planning.

The only thing i can say is that from what i can tell Eufy is about 3-4 years behind folks like ARLO, when it comes to overal experience in this space. Considering Arlo folks came from Netgear originally, they probably have a longer level of experience supporting larger infrastructure. I really take this as just a lack of understanding and planning for a product launch. The question is will this problem occur again next month when the 2k indoor pan and tilt starts to hit peoples homes.


@Craig63 thanks for the informative information! I greatly appreciate the in depth explanation and thoughts. :v:t2:

Just so happens I’m in the same boat received mine yesterday and setting up today and feels like I screwed bricks to my house.

Are you suggesting I set the camera on static and put it in the DMZ?

You dont want to put anything on a DMZ unless you really know what you are doing. Putting any camera on the DMZ is a very risky business. If you did that and enabled RSTP then anyone could access the video stream from anywhere. Just don’t do it.

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Not going to put it in the DMZ. Nothing is going there actually.

Not sure what’s going on but now I can’t even connect within my home network. It takes it down!!! WTF??? AC68U seems to have the capacity to handle it but at this point, I’m going to put this on swappa and sell all of it.