Unable to connect to Homebase 2

Just throwing this out there for anyone having problems pairing their new Homebase 2.
I purchased one, tried a zillion times to connect it, reset it, reboot it, throw it at the wall… it just wouldn’t connect to the app for love or money. I returned it for a refund. Then got another one to try again… Same thing. Argghhhh…
But then I got it working.
What I discovered was it appears to be related to my SSID being too long?
My old SSID was “TellYourWiFiEnjoyedLastNight”. Quite a long SSID… This worked for everything… except the Eufy.
Just for a laugh I changed my SSID to “MD2”. Tried again, and the Homebase immediately gave the “pairing” alert, and paired to the app with no problem.
So… anyone pulling their hair out, check your SSID isn’t too long? That might be the trick.

Interesting. The IEEE standard says the SSID can be up to 32 characters long. Eufy decides to limit that, but doesn’t tell anyone. They have also had problems with certain characters like the (_) underscore in a SSID, which is perfectly acceptable in the standard. It’s probably down to the database definition for the fields, but standards should be a requirement for all, not a nice to have. They probably didn’t read it.