Unable to connect to homebase (-2) error

Homebase 2 + eufycam 2 pro

I am having issues connecting to the homebase via ios app. I get the error unable to connect to homebase (-2) . Cameras are at my home in another country, fully updated , full battery and also connected to eufy solar panels. I am receiving notifications that someone has been spotted but when i open the eufy ios app to see recordings or to live view i get the error mentioned above. I had tried to restart the homebase several times, uninstall and install the ios app but the same problem.
Sometimes it works to connect via mobile data but not on my home wifi.
I had also tried to disable the firewall both at the home network were homebase is connected via ethernet cable, and also disabled the firewall on the network i am now and wish to connect.
When i use eufy website to see the cameras over there it works, but not on the mobile phone. I had also tried on diffeRent phones, still not working.

Please help !!!

I am having the same problem but on an android phone app. Did you ever find a solution?