Unable to connect to doorbell video

I’m having an issue when I’m connected to WiFi the video stream of live feed and motion section works perfectly; however when I’m away from home and using mobile data I can’t load the live stream or check the notifications when someone at the front or motion is picked up. Is there a fix? I’ve tried restarting, deleting and reinstalling app, resetting devices; updating firmware and resetting to factory settings and nothing seems to fix it.

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I believe the answer is to go into your modem/router settings and find the IoT setting and unblock it. Do you have a modem-router combo or are they separate?

The what settings? Just a moden where would I find that in the settings what would it be under

What’s the modem type and model number? I don’t have a modem with the router included but if I know the modem brand and model number then maybe I can find the answer online. I personally don’t like gateways because a lot of the time the ISP won’t let you have access to the settings. I use the ISP’s modem only (it’s a newer model) and have my own router to adjust the settings to my preferences.

From another post about the same situation:

I have a modem provided by my provider. It’s a sagemcom f@st I can’t get the exactly model of it if needed?


Here’s a guide for those Sagemcom modems. There’s a drop down to select your model number.