Unable to connect after not viewing for a few hours

I hapve the 1080p battery powered doorbell and chime unit, it works great sometimes but if I don’t view it for a few hours it then fails to connect to the camera for live view, it also missed someone coming to my door twice now, the connection says its strong and if I look at it every hour its fine but I don’t want to have to keep doing that. Any advice please?

A further issue is with the connection to Alexa, when the doorbell is rang Alexa rings at least 2 minutes later which is obviously useless

If you have the standalone version that doesn’t use a Homebase, try changing the wifi channel. You may have something close thats causing interference. The signal would still show strong, but connections would be flaky.

The best way to see what your local wifi situation is to download a wifi manager app that will let you see all the sources in your area. Channels 1 and 11 are best for 2.4 ghz, but if they are heavily used, try something else. Do not let your router select channels automatically. It wouldn’t hurt to reboot your router as well. Then watch and see if things improve.

I don’t use any of the home assistants so can’t help with that.