Unable to check battery since 2.1.0 app update!

I have my battery doorbell wired to a transformer, and before app update 2.1.0 I was able to display the battery percentage by temporarily change it the power management setting. This has now disappeared with the latest 2.1.0 update.
Ive noticed the connection speed on live view has also dropped to the doorbell. I was getting anywhere from 100-250kb/s speed, but this now sometimes drops to 17kb/s. I’ve even done a reset on the Homebase, but still getting the same.

Anyone else have the same?

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Do you see a plug icon instead of the battery percentage? That’s normal. As for the speeds, don’t know for sure. Could be that if 99% of the picture is the same, it only transfers the deltas of the image to your device.

Yes, I know the plug symbol is normal, but I used to be able to change the ‘working mode’ temporarily in the Power Manager, and the plug symbol would change to include a percentage value as well. Then you could change the working mode back, and it would go back to the plug symbol when you exited the Power Manager.
The fact is this percentage check trick now doesn’t work in the new app update. I’ve emailed Eufy with my concerns and will see what they say, but I don’t expect them to be overly concerned, after all they don’t seem to put customer satisfaction as a high priority!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would really think this is a bug fix. You should not be able to see the percentage.

It probably was a bug, but one that was very useful, and if they did know about it then I don’t understand the reasoning behind removing it.
They could have just as easily left it!

You have said it yourself: it is a bug. Bugs and software don’t go together, so it’s very normal they remove it / fix the problem.
If it’s against their design to show the percentage when it’s wired: :bug:

So what is a bug? It’s a piece of software that doesn’t give expected results. So my argument is why not alter that piece of software (bug!) to become a useful addition to the overall program, especially if it provides useful information to the user?

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It’s a bug if it does not function as they intended or designed it.
If the doorbell is on the wire and battery is always charged correctly, there is no functional use for the end user to see it. That’s the rationale.

If you switch your transformer off, you can see the battery percentage in the app, instead of the plug symbol.
For me, the percentage varies between 80-90%.

Do not forget to switch the transformer on again.

I mounted a switch on the case of the old chime so I could switch the transformer off and see that the battery is charging every once in a while.