Unable to add HomeBase2 to HomeKit

I added a new 2C to my HomeBase2 and since then my cams (3x 2C) had not responded in HomeKit anymore. I then, in an attempt to solve the problem, removed the HomeBase2 from HomeKit in order to reconnect it to HomeKit afterwarts … unsuccessfully. It’s just no longer possible to add my HomeBase2 to HomeKit.
After scanning the HomeKit code on the HomeBase, the usual messages appear (see images):

Finally the procedure ends because the device was not found.

There is also one other observation that suggests there is a problem with Eufy/HomeKit. When I go to HomeKit authentication in the Eufy app to activate the cameras, this is confirmed, but it turns out to be not carried out as soon as I go back to HomeKit authentication (see video in the link):
Video-File via DropBox

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is here and can suggest how this problem can be solved?

Many Thanks

The Base has been replaced with a new one, sent by Eufy. Now it is working again. Thanks