Unable to Add Camera - EufyCam2 to BaseStation

Anyone ever have a problem like this?
EufyCam 2 which was working ok but needed to have the battery recharged, cam was plugged in to the HomeBase, it showed solid blue light on, could still see video feed from it in the app and showed it charging. After about 10 minutes the cam showed as ‘offline’ in the app.

Tried the following: reboot camera, rebooted homebase, camera still showed offline. I went through the troubleshooting as shown on support page and eventually the last bit of advice was to remove the cam from HomeBase and re-add it, however the cam would not add at all, after that, even after repeating all the troubleshooting instructions a few times including again rebooting the HomeBase and a factory reset on the cam, I even rebooted my modem, but to no avail. Left the cam on charge overnight pressing the sync button results in a flashing blue light which I presume indicates that theres power in the battery. Its just that the homebase fails repeatedly to discover the cam and add it. The homebase is up to date and theres other cameras working ok on the system. Any ideas?

Heres a video of it YouTube

Same problem here. Worked fine then suddenly offline and can’t add. How to reset eufycam2? Can’t do it in app because not added. Is there a way to reset on the camera ?