Unable to access cameras on home wifi

I have a customer with a new EufyCam2 system, he can access the cameras no problems while away from home, But once home 2 of the cameras he is unable to access, 2 still work perfectly. Any one else had this issue?

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Local router/firewall settings maybe?

Try a reboot

No issues with firewalls, as 2 of the 4 cameras continue working, regardless, only 2 are going offline when home.

Hey @AdventureTec!

In this case, please try to :

  • Upgrade the eufy security app to the latest version, and let us know the app version
  • Change the network to another Wifi network or a hotspot and see if it helps

Meanwhile, please also let us know your eufy account and the serial number on your Homebase device.

You may email us at support@eufylife.com, we are looking forward to your reply.

I’m the complete opposite. Can’t access anything when not home or home but not connected to wifi. As soon as I connect my phone to wifi everything works. Irritating as I can’t access it when I’m out somewhere

You have something blocking your internet access, probably from your router out to the app on your phone. A firewall or device that restricts tcp port 443 and/or udp 32100 will keep your live view and notifications from being connected to your phone.

It works on your wifi becasue whatever is blocking access doesn’t apply to the local network level.