Two Homebase units - siren & recording?

I have a doorbell, two cameras, several motion sensors, and a keypad as part of my new Eufy system. They are all connected to a single Homebase 2.

The way I see it, I don’t want the location of that Homebase 2 known to any intruder as then I lose my recordings if they steel it!

I have a spare Homebase 2 - is there anyway I can use it as the alarm siren for the system?


I disabled all sounds from my homebase…. I don’t want to call attention to it. This is a clever idea if you can get it to work. And if they smash it or steal it…. It will still quietly record them. We all want an external siren… but Eufy could care less what we think. I would buy a second homebase for this…. And let the thugs think they took the evidence with them. I like it!

Any idea how to get it to work though?

I only have 1 homebase so can’t test.

You wouldn’t be able to do this. If you connect a new Homebase 2 none of the existing cameras would be linked to it. The Homebase is the bridge that connects all the cameras together and then to your WiFi router. If you connect another one nothing would be linked to it.

Plus two Homebase’s don’t communicate with each other


This is the major issue. Homebases can’t talk to each other, they can only communicate with child devices. I have 2 homebases and have done some tinkering but nothing gets transmitted. I suspect they would need better hardware(at least a coprocessor) to pull off more communications connections without degrading performance. That seems to be the reason they can’t do external storage as well.

I do have my second Homebase plugged in and on display in my office so anyone looking for my system would probably find that first. It only has one test cam hooked to it.