Tweak Battery Doorbell? Lag when speaking.. / latency issue

Hi all,

I have installed my battery doorbell like a month ago.
I am pretty happy with that setup and the doorbell…


When somebody rings and I am speaking with that guy, there seems to be a delay of ~2 seconds for each direction. So 4 seconds in total.
With that a “natural conversion” is not possible, and I often tend to simply run to the door instead of picking up the phone (at least I have the benefit of knowing who’s there).

Are there any best practices on how to tweak the setup, to have a better latency?
Beside of disabling WDR (which did not help), I could not find anything.

Thanks a lot in advance; Bert

Hi Bert, I think this is how it works with the battery doorbell. To me it doesn’t look like a latency issue, more of an implementation decision. Therefore I think there’s not much you can do about this.