Trigger alarm on HomeBase from homekit/alexa/ANYTHING?


So i have

2 HomeBase units
2 x 2C cams
1 x Floodlight Cam
Alarm kit

Due the distance between my cameras i have to use both Bases but as i’m sure everyone knows you cant communicate between the bases for automation.

I have got around this partially by using Homebridge with a plugin that lets me mimic the security modes on one base to another. The missing link however is being able to trigger the alarm on the second base when the first base is triggered. I CAN perform a homekit automation when the base is triggered but there is no option to actually set off the alarm on the other base.

Have to say the siren on the homebase is quite pathetic for an “alarm system” and if it had more balls this wouldn’t really be an issue.

External siren anyone ? lol

Anyone got any ideas ?