Tried to contact customer service.... got no reply over 1 month

I bought a Eufy vacuum robot on , due to it can only run for 1/2 hour, i couldn’t get it to run longer, so i return the item by paying the shipping. after contact Eufy’s customer service, they email me back on Feb. 12, 2024, issue a ticket number (TNX231452669), and want me to ship it back.
i then ship the item back by FedEx. i check on FedEx site on Feb. 20, 2024, it listed the package was delivery on Feb. 18, 2024 (today is Apr. 2, 2024). i had email Eufy customer service over 6 times, over that many days and no one contact me for anything. and no one reply me either.
i just don’t know what to do to contact the [proper person??!!

** forgot to put in the date for purchase, i purchase the item on Jan. 28, 2023

mistake again, purchase date should be on Jan. 28, 2024

You need to try sending another feed back through the app.

Also, try calling them on the phone…

thanks much guys.
i was trying avoiding phone call - it take forever waiting…
but i did made the phone called and sort out stuff with person on other end.
hope able to receive refund soon.

Yeah, I know what you mean waiting on the phone :sleeping:

And with emails they just don’t seem to understand (most of the time) what you’re trying to explain to them.