Tree branch and leaves

Hi. Camera detect shadow and leaves even though Thoese out of area if the cam…

Personally I set the activity zones to try minimizing the issue. Hopefully that helps.

What is “out of area”? Out of your set activity zones? What camera do you have?

Living where I do… I live with this problem everyday. I want to get video of vehicles on my property…. This unfortunately forces me to use “all motion”. I have huge trees all around me. Add a dash of Sun through those trees and you have a mess.

Eufy could solve this for me…. With vehicle detection AI…. But I’m not holding my breath. My only answer is mount my cameras to avoid the problem as best I can…and shut off some cameras during certain times of the day that sun and shadows spin my cams out of control. (Can’t handle a notification every 30 seconds)

Also…. You can’t change the camera to “human only” on a schedule. This would also help cut false events during those times I am forced to shut off cams. Another simple fix that would help so much if Eufy would take the time to program into the app.

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I have the same problem. I am surrounded by trees and I can’t block them out without blocking the whole area I’m wanting to monitor. If I lower the level of detection then it doesn’t pick up anything at all. I think it would be great if the camera would just detect cars, people and pets. This is what I thought I was getting where the camera had a smart system that could tell the difference between trees blowing in the wind and a person walking past or a car driving by! I’m guessing I wasted thousands of dollars on all these cameras that are constantly letting me down with endless false detections.