Total waist off money absolute usless

Absolute crap cameras. Decide when recored or not too. 99% off the times they don’t pick up humans from 6ft away biggest waist off money I’ve ever spent


Mine are brilliant, best I’ve had so far ! Oh and I can spell


What’s spelling got to do with it, grow up


If you can’t spell you seem like an idiot. I don’t take advice from idiots.


Maybe you should read the manual first, before complaining? Even a child could install the camera…

My camera works flawless!


Oh that’s what I’ve done wrong, thank you so much. Obviously nothing to say apart from criticism. Well done you. :clap:


Who was giving you advice? Certainly wasn’t me. Wind you’re neck in.


Congratulations on you’re camera working flawless that helped the situation. Thanks Karen


Sounds like operator error.


You don’t sound too smart. There is a difference between constructive “I tried this and that and it didn’t work, can you help me ?” and what you wrote. In general your post is useless to the others. It does not contain any observations but your immature frustration.

From my experience light plays important role in object detection by the camera. Try to position camera in a way so it has enough light in the same direction it is looking and as little as possible shining into the lens. Camera should see as uniformly lit background as possible (small brightness difference).

Last but not least - check camera settings …


I have proof the camera only works sometimes. People leave flyers at my door. I have the flyers but no video of the people leaving the flyers. I am starting to think the system is not secure and I think it maybe hacked because software cannot be that dumb

My system has UPS battery backup so it’s not the electrical company that is creating the problem


Phenomenal camera system!


I have 2 Cameras and a box they work just fine love mine

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@jez57 can you explain in a bit more detail what’s going on with your cameras?
We may be able to help you set up the cameras differently for better results.

Did you remove the plastic filter in front of the lens when you hooked up the cameras?


Hi John. Yeah moved all plastic ect from front of cameras. They just seem to be hit and miss. Will pick humans up when it basically decides too, at times they decide not to pick anything up. I’ve even turned the setting to maximum think its 7 without looking. No avail. Its strange as they work fine live so Internet connection seems to be ok. Thanks for reply

Maybe it’s related to how the cameras are mounted.
Let me first address that a high sensitivity setting may cause the camera to be ‘busy’ a lot analysing false positives. If it does that too much, the device will slow down with motion detection on purpose to save battery.

It’s important that the camera points towards the area you want to monitor. As the recording is triggered by motion, it should be an area where people pass by. The best way to pick up motion is to have the people walk across the view (so from left to right, etc.) rather than straight towards the camera.
Did you check the tips in the help section of the app? There are some guidelines as to improve motion detection.


But how do you really feel?

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Hey @jez57, which product do you have? I’m sorry it’s not alerting you without pressing the doorbell. Is it possible the person isn’t walking up, but rather just throwing the fliers to your door like they used to do with newspapers?

I just got my Eufy 2k Doorbell wired in, after the time the mail person comes, but so far it’s been detecting me every time I go out to test it or pick up my tools from outside. For cars driving by, thankfully we haven’t had false alerts on our phones yet. And, our house (and previous apartment) didn’t even have a doorbell at all, so this is a major upgrade for us :joy:

Since it’s the evening (finished just before 6pm), the sky is bright and most people walking up are backlit. I don’t think that’s a problem that would be solved with another camera, and honestly I imagine most people would either be backlit or in the shade for any house (because the house blocks the sun, lol), but the silver lining is that with dark shadows comes great contrast between dark people and the bright sky. That contrast may help with motion detection. I’m selecting HDR in the video settings, but I wish I could just allow the exposure to be brighter (I don’t care if the sky looks white).

Best wishes!

BTW, my wife has dyslexia, so she can’t tell if she spells something wrong. She loves using voice dictation, not perfect but it reduces a lot of her spelling mistakes.

I like mine .

They work 90% of the time .
No subscription .
Connectivity is good not great and cheap enough for me to be happy with . I’m waiting on another sale to buy my neighbour and in laws a set .

Go pay rings subscription if your not happy and complain to them


I agree with the OP. I have cameras that capture (for a useless couple of mins) someone leaving the property and when they get round the corner to where the next camera is, nothing. It’s like they vanished into thin air so when I check recordings there is no continuation. Absolute rubbish. Less than a week in and not impressed with this system AT ALL. Shame because the clarity is great, but the camera /recordings in terms of usefulness is absolutely abysmal. Eufy need to lift their game with these kiddy cameras capabilities.