Top 5 Must-See eufy Black Friday Deals

Hey, eufy fans!

Is anyone else starting to feel the buzz?

You know, that Black Friday buzz that comes with getting an amazing price on a product you’ve been eying up all year!

To get you guys excited, we thought we’d highlight our top 5 deals available in the US, Germany, and the UK!

Check out what we’ve got to offer:

US Top 5

UK Top 5

Germany Top 5

Check out them in the brand store and get deals!
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UK Brand Store
Germany Brand Store


Nice Thanksgiving deals :+1:

Any Canada deals @Mengdi trying to find a deal for my parents

@Hermes_Alvarez what product you are looking for? I can check for you

was looking for the door bell and or flood light. Thanks @Ice4

Nice deals

See here:

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@Ice4 :+1:t2: thanks for the heads up on the great deals and makes it hard for one to decide on what to get :grinning: most appreciated. Hope everyone here had a good thanksgiving :turkey:

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Home Alarm Kit, Pan & Tilt, Indoor 2K, Wireless Doorbell & Touch Lock all purchased during the Black Friday sales (Australia) - Love these product!!

Nice deal and thanks for poasting

Discounts are always good news but Should be better to solve first the great problems its products have

Geofencing doesn’t work at all

Geofencing depends on the using occasion. You can contact customer service for detailed support.