Too Many Products! Not Enough Support

Just have to say, you all really need to chill with the avalanche of products after products. Every other week it’s something new. Focus on making your software better. More products does not mean a better company. Just means you create a lot of mediocre stuff.

Lastly, you have little support. Topics on here have gone unanswered for days/weeks. Yet there’s new topics announcing deals, hardware, anker sales, etc. we get it, you want to sell stuff. Stop spamming your own customers. Otherwise you won’t have any.


Totally agree! Eufy have stated fixes are in process due this year, nothing, no fixes. Not even 2FA! But constant mediocre products keep appearing!

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Not for nothing but thats what support is for, the user forum is generally for users to share experience and what not and a place to discuss stuff. Eufy does not have support staff moderating these forums and its often just employees who have a chance to post when they can in between their main jobs.

And yes i agree with you, but I also know the limitations from being on the Anker forum

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+1 to more existing prod development and fewer new products