Thumbnails in notifications

I came from an Arlo system to the Eufy 2C system and everything has been great. One thing I miss about my Arlo setup is whenever there was motion I would get an alert with a snapshot of the motion which would also display on my Apple Watch. This 2C system would be absolutely perfect with that one last feature!


I agree with you!!! Eufy needs a thumbnail on their notifications!

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I checked with PM and got reply that you will get a thumbnails in notifications in Apple Watch. Can’t you see it?

I agree this would be a great addition

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We should ave thumbnail notifications for IOS app too.


I don’t get a thumbnail on my Apple Watch notifications for Eufy.

I don’t either. Not on my Apple watch or in notification centre on my iPhone

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We need thumbnails for notifications on IOS


No I think that’s only for the doorbell.

Please add this feature for the cams, too!

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Just joined the eufy family and see the thumbnails are added to notifications, but how to open the thumbnail and/or save it from the push notifications on phone?

I have the EUFY INDOOR CAM 2K PAN & TILT cams and have not yet added the memory card there nor cloud storage so it is now only giving me the motion detection thumbnails in notifications and then I am abel of course check the live feed and that is sufficient for now, but those thumbs I´d like to be able to open as larger picks from notifications and save on phone if there would be need to save the foto (real burglar). Now of course I can screenshot the pick, but it is not full screen size.

Any tipd os tricks for this one?


Wow…. What’s with digging up the past as of late? So…. Eufy cams will give you a thumbnail…. But for some reason they suck at this…?!?!? Maybe 60% of the time you will get an appropriate thumbnail. I am clueless why this isn’t 100%. The cams take a beautiful screenshot every time . Why can’t this be sent?!? I absolutely hate Eufy …. But when I get a nice clear shot on my Apple Watch !?!? My heart flutters

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