This is why I can’t take Eufy seriously

Was excited to get the indoor cams. Not anymore. You lost me a customer because of all the advertising you’re doing in the app, no 2FA and reading about the cameras connecting back to China. Nope, no and no.

Referrals, deals, sales!!!


I also agree that there’s an inappropriate amount of advertising in the app. Considering the price of the cameras, they’re not free and as such should be treated not as an marketing tool. It really cheapens the brand and user experience.


Kinda reminds me of Xiaomi but they are a 10th of the price

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This is my honest opinion. Eufy I don’t really care if you have advertisements in the app. I think it’s great your trying to sell you products. I think that Eufy is not selling enough products so they are advertising their products in the app. MAYBE ITS BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION!!! It is absolutely absurd to not have 2 Factor Authentication in a Security App!!! I WILL NOT PUT CAMERAS IN MY HOUSE WITHOUT 2 Factor Authentication. I don’t really care about 2 Factor Authentication for Eufy Cameras outside. BUT INDOORS??? Are you trying to let the cameras be hacked??? WHOS BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO NOT PUT 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IN THE APP??

@AnkerSupport don’t come in here and be like “For the 2 Factor Authentication feature, we will consider the possibility of future development.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding” That’s a bunch of crap. WE NEED 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IN THE EUFY SECURITY APP NOW.

Agreed. I would feel much more comfortable if eufy calmed down on the in app ads and added 2FA.

I wonder if they realize they would sell more products and be taken much more seriously with those changes alone. Hell, I’d be happy without HomeKit with those two changes. Yes, you read that correctly.

I want better security. I really do like these cams and features and I’m really on the fence. I want to return them but I also want to see if they live up to what they advertise.

Give us 2FA!!

Also, can you all respond/speak to some of the interesting things mentioned here -

Are you really logging our stuff? Offsite?

Lastly, just some advice, when you all end up in the news for being hacked or user devices being hacked, you were warned. Many times.