These products are not worth spending your money or time on

Cameras constantly being offline right when I need them to work, doorbell dropping off the network and having to be removed from the wall and unwired, brought into the house, re-connected to the network and then re-wired and clipped back on the wall outside. Motion sensors that don’t sense motion, indoor pan and tilt camera that prefers looking at the wall to looking at the front door. Now the stupid homebase 2 has decided it hates being on my network and after no end of factory resets, trying different cables and router connections, sending requests into Eufy support and getting totally irrelevant AI responses, I’ve had enough. I’m boxing the whole pile of useless rubbish up and getting rid of it. Avoid this stuff like the plague, it really isn’t worth the time you’ll spend messing around trying to get it to work.

I can honestly say the only issues I’ve had with my wireless doorbell, 2c Pro and Homebase is that the battery on the doorbell lasts 3 months max. I agree that their support is poor. Most are just canned responses.