There is no option to view multi cameras?

This feature is so basic and simple. Can’t believe eufy does have this one yet. It is so inconvenient to keep checking one by one. I am using this for my businesses and I have tons of eufy cameras. If I know about this I wouldn’t choose to use eufy. I will wait few more months and see if they will add this feature or not before changing.


@AnkerSupport @Mengdi @Yanyee1 This is a feature that we definitely should have! I would also like to view all my cameras together at the same time!


This function is supposed to be realized in this year (But not guaranteed:) )


That’s great to hear! Thanks @Mengdi

Has there been any updates on this that you’re aware of?

Someone mentioned almost a year ago for the “pull down to refresh” option on the devices tab to give you fresh current screenshots from all cameras.

I thought that was a brilliant idea that would give you a quick overview of everything without taking a huge toll on battery life.

I noticed the refresh on pull down too but apparently it’s not grabbing new screenshots for me for my cameras so kinda pointless…unless it’s working for you

I was pointing out that it would be a nice option to have. No… it doesn’t work that way now.

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Ah gotcha. Can’t believe this option exist but doesn’t work :frowning:

It does work the way it was intended. It will refresh the screen to show the “last” screenshots from recorded events. But I wanted a fresh screenshot from all cameras. Many want live video on all cameras…. But for me a current look would be all I need without the load on the system and battery life.

Right now I open and close all cameras one at a time …. Only looking at each one for a few seconds.

Had a bear walk up my drive a few days ago. Trying to switch between cameras to see which direction it went was impossible. This would fix that.


@chefrd I agree, this would be an awesome feature! However, I think I have way too many cameras it will probably take forever to
load, LOL!! :man_facepalming:t2:

I would love something like this aswell! I have camera’s in my house and in our restaurant where I live next to. It would be so easy to quickly see what’s happening everywhere.

You would be the extreme case.