The Moderators for this Community

Update in Oct. 10th

Let’s welcome our third moderator @n1976jmk, he will be responsible for questions about the eufyCam series. Here is his introduction:
Hi I’m Jonathan Katz, and I am a huge fan of anything technology related, smart home related, and IT related. This is a great time in our lives regarding technology because it’s growing at a rapid pace!

I am excellent at troubleshooting and providing clear response regarding feedback on how to resolve an issue.

My career is also in the security industry field for the last 18+ years and the last 11 of those focusing directly on commercial cameras, alarm systems and project management of security related aspects of those projects.

I am proud owner of two 2c cameras, one video doorbell and have a 2c Pro add-on camera recently installed on the outside of my house facing the front of my driveway.

I look forward to being a bigger part of the Eufy community.


Currently, we already have 3 moderators, you can seek them for help when you have any questions. And they will also help connect with our product development team.

We have received a lot of applications about the community moderators and we need to say THANK YOU sincerely to everyone who wants to contribute in this lovely community!

eufy fans, we are always with you!

Update in Oct. 9th.

Let’s welcome our second moderator @Ice4, he will be responsible for the questions of the Doorbell related.

Here is his introduction:
I have been with eufy since they launched eufycam (aka evercam) and loved their products. Got to know about Anker from there and joined Anker community as an active member. Tested few Anker/Eufy/Soundcore products, actively participate in product discussions.
Love to be the first to know and explore new technology and gadgets.
I will try my best to answer questions related to the products I own and to best of my knowledge.

Update in Sept. 14th:

Hey eufy fans:

Please join me to welcome our First Moderator - @Tank , who will be responsible for eufyCam, Floodlight, eufy Security App

Tank has been an advocate for Anker and a power user as well as a STAR Contributor on the Anker forum. He also beta tested many products for the Anker, currently, two of the products are Eufy security-related.

Here is his self-introduction:

My name is Robert, I have been a fan and supporter of Anker ever since they had battery packs and chargers for laptops. Once the forum came out, I have been an active member and dedicated to them. I am a star contributor on Anker, A active power user and beta tester as well now active and learning about all their security offerings. I look forward to helping and answering everyone’s questions and problem solving where I can and as I have time. I currently work night shift so bear with me if I do not respond right away, but I will always do my best to help.

Let’s welcome Tank and hope he will be your warm friend in the future!

Update in Jul. 7th:
Dears for now I have received several applications. Thank you all for the application, I will do an overall review and will soon announce the moderators.

Hi, Community fans!

Do you really, really love eufy Security? Well, if you do, we might just have a position for you here on our community team!

That’s right. We’re looking to recruit 3 community moderators.

As a moderator, you’ll be responsible for one of the three following groups:

a) Video Doorbell / IndoorCam (Hardware and App) / HomeKit Related

b) eufyCam (Hardware and App)

c) All other eufy Security products / eufy Security App (not product related) / Any Other Questions


  • Have a basic knowledge of all eufy Security products, as well as a deeper understanding of the products you’ll be responsible for

  • You are currently an active member of the eufy Security community

  • Good communication skills. You’re able to effectively help consumers solve their problems

  • Basic knowledge of photo editing (Basic Photoshop skills are preferable)

What the Job entails:

  1. Routinely monitoring the community forums, ensuring posters are well-mannered and behaved, as according to the rules of our community

  2. Peacefully mediate when a crisis or dispute occurs within the community

  3. Answer product queries about the products you are responsible for

  4. Initiate and organize community activities

  5. Chat to users of the community to establish and cultivate a friendly and interactive community

What You’ll Get:

  • Free samples when a new eufy Security product launches

Please note, the following behavior is forbidden. Any moderators caught breaking the following rules will have their position terminated.

  1. No fake propaganda

  2. No slandering competitors

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please send me an email on with your brief introduction and reasons for applying to be the moderator.

We look forward to having you join our team!


Can they be honest about the products and support or is that discouraged?


We appreciate the honest, but the moderator should love the brand and product.

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I wish I could give this the time it requires. I love Anker and all the other brands and I love new stuff :rofl:


good opportunity, Best of luck to members!!

I dont have eufy Security products - (have one but cannot use without homebase) so will be an audience.

Have shared this on Anker community as well!


120k USD per year and you’ve got yourself a deal.


120k to assist in moderating on a community product forum? Not a chance. But the potential to get product is pretty cool.

I would love to be of help here, but not sure if I would make it. I have a few Eufy security products and know them well, so I can help in respect to those and wouldn’t mind learning more about other products.

I am always helpful in the Anker community and here and there in Soubdcores community, so why not here too. I promise to always be honest, truthfull and respectful and I would do my best to be if assistance in all aspects Eufy


Shoot him an email.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please send me an email on with your brief introduction and reasons for applying to be the moderator.

@Mengdi could you clarify what this means?

@jmiller148 thanks, I did send an email shortly after I posted here


Good luck @Tank I know you have almost all variants of SoundCore products and a master to answer most questions on Collective.
I believe you will do better here as well. :+1:

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I get what you’re saying, and also what @jmiller148 is saying. But moderators really should be as neutral as possible. Here’s my 2 cents.

Since 1998, I have been a moderator at DVD Talk Forum. When DVDs and Blu-rays (and HD-DVDs) first came out, we used to have thousands of posts daily. We were the most active movie-related community online, but as people stopped buying physical media, our activity has slowed down a lot as well. Now, maybe only a couple hundred new posts a day. Couple claims to fame are: Roger Ebert used to post there, and when Star Wars Episode I was released on Blu-ray, they used a quote from our website review in their TV commercials.

Obviously, all the moderators there love movies, but that is really a secondary characteristic. The primary role of moderators is to guide a forum in a way that promotes open discussion without being heavy handed. Moderators should be more like referees in sports and less like broadcasters for the home team. The home team announcers will look at every play and side with the home team no matter how obvious the call was against the home team. The referees, on the other hand, will decide on a call based on merits (for the most part), and they are best when they are nearly invisible.

I’m not too active here, but I’m very active at the Anker Community. Discussing/promoting non-Anker products used to be discouraged there, but now, it has become acceptable. Why? We are all trying to help improve Anker products. So if Ring, Wyze, Nest, Arlo, or some other brand is doing something better than Eufy, then we should not only allow the discussion, we should encourage it. And moderators can step in when the discussion gets too one-sided (like a commercial for another company) or personal or counterproductive.


Yeah, I basically just said screw it. I can’t say good/bad things about their products without comparing to other brands lol.

I don’t think that moderators should be completely neutral. I agree that it should be someone who loves the brand, and then products. They definitely need to be honest about the flaws, as well as the string points of the eufy products though.


At least for the past 6 months, we’ve been comparing the Anker batteries and chargers to other third party brands like Ravpower, Aukey, and many others. And mods have been cool with it.

As long as they are fair in their assessment, I’m good with that. People should be buying Anker/Eufy products because they are good, not because they drank the kool-aid. If another brand does something better and/or cheaper, then it should be pointed out, even by a moderator.

BTW, I bought 3 Eufy Indoor Cams at $40 a piece (nope, did not pre-order with discount) because I’m a fan of Eufy. But I’ll be the first to admit that Wyze cams, which cost HALF as much, are comparable to the Eufy cams. Wyze does some things better, Eufy does some things better, but all in all, they’re basic cameras that are nearly interchangeable. And conversations like this need to be encouraged here.

HomeBase should be available to purchase separately, soon. What product do you have that you cannot use?

Eufy Security entry sensor … what is the price range for Homebase sold standalone?

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Someone is clearly abusing the flag function @Mengdi


Uh oh, looks like someone is going crazy :crazy_face: