The camera does not differentiate between human and pets

I bought 3 cameras a month ago, I have had two alarm incidents, but these were due to the activation of my pet !!!, the cameras are supposed to make the difference between humans and pets, in my case it did not, what will be the trouble?

I would talk to the service department if you think you have an issue

I think you have several factors that the camera will not be 100 percent due to different factors. The size of the dogs. If big they could trigger it more often than not.

Is this indoor or outdoor camera. Day or night. At night the cams switch to all motions to be able to catch stuff better. I have both cam n found that one of my cams was getting a trigger due to a spider.

I will say 2 incident in a month and was by the dog is not bad. Considering I am assuming the dogs are free to roam near the camera. If the sensitivity is high, I would dial it down on or two.

AI is tough. And if they go with only high probability detection … some things won’t record.

I would mount the cams to avoid the pets if possible…

The camera senses based on the amount of pixels the object uses, so if it’s a big dog this is normal. If it’s a small dog, you could adjust the sensativity or just bare with it. A few false positives a month isn’t bad. Would you prefer to see the dog or miss something important?