Thankful for eufy indoor cameras

First and for most thanks for offering a discount on preorders on the indoor cameras wish i would have got a total of 5 but got 3. The app has a clean user interface and easy to navigate.


I am really impressed so far. I have 1 2k indoor cam and 1 2k indoor pan and tilt. I am serious looking at replacing 3 Arlo Q cameras with more 2k indoor cameras. For indoor use the these 2k Indoor camera blow the socks off most of what i have seen from a value perspective. Even at $40 they are hard to beat. Then when you compare them to the top name cameras like Arlo, Nest, Ring. The overall value perspective for what you get is even greater. For the same level of functionality i would need to spend hundreds of $$ and then spend between 30-40 a month.

Having local, cloud, and nvr type storage with both CVR and RSTP. Is a amazing combination. I am recording cvr locally to a 128GB Micro SD card and using Motioneye with a audio script addition for nvr type storage. Motion Eye is free by the way. I am considering trying out Blue Iris to get a few more features.


Glad you like it:)

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