Thank you Eufy for fixing the down server issue

Thanks Eufy for fixing the down server issue as fast as you could. In the future we hope that bugs like this will be fixed fast. The server being fixed restores faith in your company. Thank you.


Yes thanks Eufy for listening to us and fixing these issues


and i would like to thank that cop that gave a speeding ticket this morning, also the two guys that robbed me last night at the atm. oh and i cant forget to thank god for that lump i found while showering this morning on my groin.


Wow, sure sounds like a dummy account from a Eufy employee…
Yes, many thanks for having all these issues just before my return window expired, now I’ve got my money back and can buy a system that works…once again, many thanks

Yeah it does. So much so that I went back to look at previous posts. Some of them are also questionable. Everything seems to suggest a fake account.

I know it was very frustrating during these outages but Eufy did fix them and was very apologetic about not communicating very well

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Are you saying that I am fake? @AbSoluTc

I can assure you that that is a wrong assumption. @AbSoluTc

I don’t see a problem with someone thanking Eufy for fixing the server issues. I get it was annoying. I was frustrated. But it’s nice to thank them for fixing it. It’s not their fault the server went down. They fixed it pretty quick. I get the communication was terrible. Hopefully next time it will be better

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The notion that there is some server out there that failed is a misconception. Modern cloud infrastructures are highly fault tolerant and designed to allow 100% reliability. What likely happened is Eufy rolled out a poorly tested change and it brought down the system.

Please fix your other problems so I can thank you too


Thanks guys for understanding and trusting us. From this issue we can also see we have a lot to improve. We will keep moving and do better not only in product design, but also in communication.

We are so lucky to have you on the way.


I think you guys should worry more about software and bugs rather than new products. @Mengdi

Please no new products. If you are serious work on the problems with your current products.

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I shall put a more appropriate post this time as my last comment got flagged.

I would suggest in future @Joel5 using the conversation tab where communication from Eufy(the server being up again) have been announced.

Save ya the hassle of putting a thread up.