Texas heat is causing my outdoor units to drop the line

Texas heat of over 100F is causing outdoor cameras to be offline constantly. These units do not handle the heat very well. To fix the issue, I had to take down the units and do a hard reset. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue.

I was worried about my new Dual cam wired video doorbell. It has a spot on the back that connects to the metal mounting plate which acts as a heatsink. I touched it on the back of the cam by accident. It burns really fast on human fingers. So if they are that hot to start off with, what was Houston heat going to do to them I worried. They give you some thermal paste-like stuff to apply but I had to remove the camera to add a different angle wedge. Most of the thermal past came off. So I took it off a third time to add some thermal pads after removing the last of the Eufy thermal paste. Fingers crossed as it got to 107 degrees Fahrenheit last week here in Houston. It stayed that way until the cool front came through. It dropped all the way down to 101! LOL, So far my dual video door cam wired is working nearly flawless despite to heat.

Are your cameras still acting up?

These units can not handle Texas heat. They are not water proof either! When it rains, the lenses are fogged up.

This summer I had to remove my units from the app and re-add them to the the network. Each time I had to get onto a ladder and take the units off to do the hard reset. :joy: :rofl:

Hey everyone, it’s Ahmad here. Man, the Texas heat is no joke! I’ve been facing the exact same issue with my outdoor cameras going offline because of the scorching temperatures. The hard reset does work, but who wants to climb up and down every time it’s a scorcher, right?

I even contacted the manufacturer and they acknowledged that extreme temperatures could affect the device’s performance. However, they didn’t provide any long-term solution.

If you’re going through the same struggle, here are a few tips:

Consider installing a yacine tv apk mini-shade or sun shield for your cameras.
Make sure the cameras are well-ventilated.
Look for camera models specifically designed to handle extreme temperatures. Yeah, it might cost a bit more but could save a lot of headache.
If you find a better workaround, please share! Stay cool and stay safe, folks! :sun_with_face::fire::camera_flash: