T8970 Siren and T8932 Smoke detector not available in Europe?

There is a lot of discussion (on Reddit) that T8970 indoor / outdoor Siren and T8932 Smoke detector will not available in Europe?
I hope this is not true, can you clarify?

I read that it will first only be available in North America and will possibly be available if sales are good.

Ordered one in the US via Amazon, expected delivery January 2024. :smiley:

Hi! In NL here too, did you get the siren to connect? I’ve bought it too but it doesn’t connect.

Geen enkel probleem gehad, gewoon via de app zoals altijd. Misschien een vreemde vraag maar heb je de batterijen er goed in zitten. Lees vaak op het internet dat mensen de batterijen er verkeer om in hebben gedaan.

Had no problems at all, via the app as always. Maybe a strange question, but have you installed the batteries correctly? I often read on the internet that people put the batteries the wrong way.

Dank je voor je snelle reactie. Yup, de batterijen zitten er goed in. De siren geeft netjes een knipperende blauwe led voor het koppelen. Helaas ontdekt het systeem de siren vervolgens helemaal niet.

Thank you for your quick response. Yup, the batteries are in the correct position. The siren neatly indicates a flashing blue LED for pairing. Unfortunately, the system does not detect the siren at all.